Level: 3
Listening Strategy* Listening for detail – t5
Listen to part of a radio interview on the Amazonian Region Protected Areas ( ARPA) project and choose the information the speaker really gives.

A: You’re listening to KWMT, and this is Don Phelps with your weekly “Rock and Talk”. Today we receive Luciana Aranda who comes from Brazil and is involved in the implementation of a program called Amazonian Region Protected Areas or ARPA for short. So, Luciana tell us something about this project.
B: well, Don, it’s a partnership between the Brazilian Government, the Brazilian (a) Biodiversity/ Biology Fund, the WWF and other organizations that will bring twelve percent on the Amazon under protection.
A: twelve percent doesn’t sound like much to me.
B: Actually, it’s (b) 3/ 1 ½ times greater than all the U.S. National Parks. And Asmericans put their park system together in over (c) 130/ 30 years. The Brazilian project wants to do that in 10 years.
A: Oh, I see… and how much is that going to cost?
B: About (d) 37/ 13.7 million dollars a year. it’s not much, compared to what other park systems cost. We started the project in ( e) 2006/ 2002 with Tumucumaque Mountains National Park. Now we’re working on other parks for the region.
A: And they’re all in the north of Brazil.
B: Yeah, that’s where we have all the problems of illegal logging, (f) pollution / deforestation, conversion of forests into ranches, etc. it’s going to be a big effort…


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