Level 2: Listening Strategy
*Listening for gist- t15
1. Listen to this campfire story and put the places in the order you hear them.
Universe (1) house ( ) neighborhood ( ) same room ( ) planet ( ) town ( )
2. Listen again and complete these sentences from the text with the missing words.
a. She was happily ________________ with her dolls.
b. She found it strange, but didn’t pay much _______________ and went on playing.
c. She ___________thought it was a _____________.
d. Mary was ____________.
e. Mary ___________ know what to do.
f. She was _________________.
g. Mary ____________ now petrified, she ____________ even move.

* Listening for detail- t10
Listen to Steve Sorensen, na Australian surfer and, in your notebook, correct the text. Follow the example:
Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to welcome Steve Sorensen here this morning. He is one of the Australia’s greatest surfers. Steve, welcome to our studios.
Morning > afternoon
Steve: Thank you very much.
Interviewer: So, Steve, you’ve recently won the national championship. How do you feel?
Steve: Great! I’ve always felt so good in my life.
Interviewer: But you’ve won more important competitions before.
Steve: That’s true. But this is my first big title at home. I’ve needed to get this trophy all my life.
Interviewer: Well, you have it now. Congratulations! What’s your next step?
Steve: Well, I haven’t won the Brazilian round of the world tour yet. And I’ve practiced for it since January. That’s my next big goal.
Interviewer: Well, I’m sure you’ll nail this one too! What about plans for the future…


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