Level 4:

Using Grammar- Listening activity  – t17


  1. Jenna is worried about a friend and writes her a letter. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Then listen and check.


Nattie dear,

I never see you outside school, and I noticed that you’re always online, though you never answer when I say “hi”. Aren’t you staying too long at the computer, Nattie? Ever hard about escapism? It’s when you do too much of something you like and avoid (a) [do] something you feel less comfortable, like being with friends.

In this case, the first thing you need (b) [do] is to promise (c) [take] some action. You always told me that you would like (d) [stop] (e) [use] the computer so much, remember? Try (f) [control] yourself. If you manage (g) [resist] the first few days, things get a lot easier.

I also have to remind you (h) [enjoy] life more. I know that you can’t stand (i) [be] ignored, but let’s (j) [face] it, we are the only people who need (k) [pay] attention to ourselves. Believe me, (l) [make] friends is the most important thing you need at this point. People who are good at (m) [live] alone are usually happier. Sorry to be intrusive, but I only mean (o) [help] you. You won’t regret (p) [try] these tips out. Let me (q) [know] if you need any help, okay?




Sobre suzanesg

Estudante do curso de Letras na UPE- Universidade de Pernambuco, professora de inglês do curso Prolinfo na mesma instituição (UPE).

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